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JUNE 2010




This new LES was discussed at the June LMC meeting.  Although the LMC agreed in principle to the LES, further clarification of the fee structure has been requested. We have also asked if it was possible to produce an electronic version of the claim form.



This is continuing.  GPs might like to be aware that the PCT’s Annual Report is on line and contains PMS Practices’ income, excluding PMS Practice funding.


• EPS R2

The LMC received a very detailed and comprehensive presentation by Jason Clarke, supported by Dorina O’Carroll, Warrington PCT, and Mark Baines, SHA.  LMC members raised many questions and points of clarification which were clearly answered.  Members of the Committee felt it would be prudent to make allowances for handwritten prescriptions in special circumstances.

The LMC subsequently agreed to support the roll out of EPS R2 in Warrington.  However, it was noted that the roll out has been delayed due to the change in Government.



This website has been populated with information about Practices.
It is important that Practices ensure that their information is checked for accuracy.

, The sustained delivery of a 14-day TAT for cervical screening results will generate substantial increased pressure throughout the NHSCSP but particularly in the laboratory service.  Although the NHS Improvement Support Team has instructed that a “zero tolerance policy” is adopted in relation to samples which are taken inappropriately, Dr Turnbull, Director of North West Cervical Screening at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital, feels this would unfairly penalise the patients.  She has therefore decided to hold a series of brief education sessions across the three Cancer Networks in the North West to inform smear takers of these changes and instruct as to the appropriate course of action in young women presenting with abnormal vaginal bleeding.  A 3 month “run-in period” would then follow and thereafter inappropriate smears would no longer be accepted by the laboratories.  A schedule of dates and venues will be issued shortly.


The BMA Technical Steering Committee has published the interim Seniority Factors for 2010/11. The figures are £95802 for England and £85690 for Wales.  Further details are available on the NHS Information Centre website at   as well as the LMC website at:

• LMC CONFERENCE – 10 &11 JUNE 2010

Mid Mersey LMC this year put in 10 topics on the agenda, 8 of which were debated in the main conference, and two were non-prioritised motions.  The following motions were presented to the conference:

Mid Mersey - Motion No.1

This Conference believes that the continuing investment in Primary Care is the best way forward to achieve the savings, as recommended in the Operational Framework, without detriment to patient care.

Mid Mersey - Motion No.76

This Conference heartily congratulates Lord Darzi on his fabulous EAP centres which have represented great value for money considering the many dozens of patients who have registered with them.

Mid Mersey - Motion No.287

This conference believes that Enhanced Services have been successful in the delivery of services not previously provided by Primary Care and insists that investment in these is maintained.

Mid Mersey - Motion No.359 (This is our lead motion)

This Conference believes that out of hours’ commitment is no longer the core responsibility of the majority of GPs and that any pressure from the Government to transfer this responsibility back should be resisted.

Mid Mersey – Motion No.438
This Conference believes that the Choose & Book system for 2 week cancer referral does not work and should be stopped immediately until it is fit for purpose.

Mid Mersey – Motion No.481
This conference believes that the inevitable consequence of rolling out Summary Care Records is that its content will increasingly come to be relied upon and that:
i) It is inevitable that no matter how diligently patient records are kept there may be some inaccuracies in the GP held data.

ii) Anyone accessing a Patient Summary Care Record should be aware that for perfectly good reasons there may be some inaccuracies in data uploaded from GP systems.

iii) GPs should not be held culpable for errors resultant from the reliance on data uplifted to Summary Care Records from GP systems.

Mid Mersey - Motion No.487
This conference believes that vertical integration of Community Health Services will be a fatal blow to Primary Care.


The representatives from Mid Mersey asked questions regarding the future of PCTs and Practice Based Commissioning in open questions and, in the soap box section, Mid Mersey LMC highlighted the good work done in Knowsley through the Swine Flu LES which successfully provided a high number of vaccinations in the community.  Also in the soap box section, which is now becoming a tradition, Mid Mersey was also involved in doing a little sketch to encourage the conference to come to Liverpool (probably fell on deaf ears).

Dr Kinloch was quoted in the BMA News:

“Liverpool GP, Dr Tom Kinloch, said GPs’ workload had changed since the introduction of the new contract and the OOH opt out, with GPs seeing patients with more complex conditions”.  Dr Kinloch said “I am in at 7.00 am every day, I start to see patients at 8.00 am and finish when the last one is seen in the evening. I do alternate Saturday mornings.  The last thing I need is to receive a call to say I am on red alert and I am triaging calls.  My patients need to see me focused and alert, not knackered and distracted.  Let’s accept that life has moved on and not turn back the clock.  OOH is no longer the core responsibility of the majority of GPs.  Pressure from the Government to transfer this responsibility back should be resisted”.

Dr Camphor was quoted on the BBC News website “Dr Ivan Camphor from Merseyside suggested that other essential services were in the firing line.  He warned that Obesity Management, Palliative Care, Physiotherapists, District Nursing and Health Visitors could be hit in coming years.  We plead, beg, please don’t de-stabilise the services provided by General Practice in partnership with others”.

We are happy to report that all the motions that we spoke to were voted on and carried.

This was a good opportunity for the Mid Mersey team to network with the GPC as well as colleagues in the North West region and other colleagues from around the country and provided useful feedback and advice about various issues that the Mid Mersey team come across through the year.

Dr I A Camphor
Medical Secretary


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