Psychological therapies offered across the NHS

Psychological therapies offered across the NHS

23 June 2010  

Psychological therapies will continue to be rolled out across the NHS in the coming year Health Secretary Andrew Lansley announced today.

Visiting a psychological therapies service in Berkshire West with Care Services Minister Paul Burstow, he outlined plans to take forward the Government’s commitment to increase access to services by pledging £70 million over the next year. This will ensure services can continue to run this year and that new services can be established.

Psychological therapies are internationally recognised as an effective treatment for common mental health conditions like depression and anxiety disorders. They can be used as an alternative or alongside medication to drive more effective prescribing.

Andrew Lansley said:

'Our Coalition Programme set out our intention to ensure greater access to talking therapies. We want to offer long-term solutions to people with mental health problems and psychological therapies do that.

'Working through issues gives people the skills to manage them and deal with them more effectively if they recur.

'Depression affects up to one in six people at some point in their life and good mental health services are a key part of a preventative and patient-centred NHS. We will broaden the geographical coverage of services and also the range of therapies available. This will help us to deliver more choice and give people better access to the right psychological support.'

Charles Waddicor, NHS Berkshire West Chief Executive, said:

'The announcement that psychological therapies will be expanded is good news for patients. In Berkshire West we are developing a successful Talking Therapies service which is delivering positive results helping to improve the health and wellbeing of patients.  We welcome the fact that this service had a good outcome: since 1st April 2010 it has helped get 64 people off benefits and back to work which has contributed to improving their health.'

Chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners Professor Steve Field said:

'I am absolutely delighted that the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has announced his continued commitment to roll out psychological therapies across England.

'The RCGP has been committed to improving access to psychological therapies to patients; we know that psychological therapies work, and if made more widely available, will provide benefits to the many people across the country whose lives are affected by mental health problems. If used properly, improved access to, and choice of psychological therapies will also benefit the economy and lead to long term savings for the NHS.'

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow said:

'It is early days for the programme, but we know we need to do more to increase the number of trained therapists and reduce waiting times. It means that by 2011, we will have trained over 3,600 therapists, with services up and running in every part of the country.'

Berkshire West’s Talking Therapies is recognised as a site of best practice in GP development for psychological therapies.  The service is delivering good outcomes in terms of people who are moving to recovery and in helping people coming off benefits or back to work.

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