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GDPR for GPs from the IT Lead for GPC


And what a subject to start with, GDPR, that really racy exciting vibrant energetically enthusing European Data Protection Directive! (the best original text web site to look at the actual words I’ve found is here

So lets get the disclaimers out of the way, this is a blog. This is not formal BMA legally approved absolutely set in stone 100% trust your wife and reputation on it stuff, it’s a blog. On the other hand, I’m not Mrs Miggins off the number 93 bus, I’ve been leading GP IT for 17 of the last 23 years.  As to GDPR I’ve read every single word of the final text of Directive, next time you attend a sponsored “IG event” ask who else in the room has done the same. Every day for the last 12 –18 months I’ve read, exchanged, forwarded, replied, commented on or drafted multiple mails and communications connected to GDPR. I’ve spoken at meetings, committees, conferences and in closed sessions. In short I’ve lived, breathed and sweated GDPR for the last many months. So personally I think I have an opinion on GDPR that ranks among others, oh and I’ve also been a founding author of the recently released BMA Guidance on GDPR (, which is where this blog comes in, as a supplement to the formal BMA Guidance.

Ok, so you understand this is a narrative, from someone who has an interest and some knowledge of the subject? On that basis lets move on.

What is this blog about and why am I here late at night posting to it?


Well, GDPR is a complex area, and because the law hasn’t even been agreed yet, its a necessarily unclear area. This blog is intended to act as a source of informed comment and a knowledge base. Its going to evolve over the next few weeks so set up your notifications and alerts.

Now its only right that I set the ground rules early; this is not an exchange, this is a dissemination not a debate. What I post here is to be taken locally and used locally. I do not have enough time to reply to the microscopic minutiae of every GP or their staff who wonders what the reflexive pronoun of a sentence within depths of the original Directive about patients rights infers. In short I am not committing to responding to anyone or anything, but I will be happy to respond to any challenges and correct any mistakes. It’s a new world, lets enjoy it, and the protections it provides.

Dr Paul Cundy


8th March 2018

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