Regulations governing a practice removing a patient

With regard to media coverage of the Report by the Health Service Ombudsman about GPs removing patients from their lists (see URLs below), please note a GPs responsibilities under the Regulations Paragraph 20)

Removal from the list at the request of the contractor
(1) Subject to paragraph 21, a contractor which has reasonable grounds for wishing a patient to be removed from its list of patients which do not relate to the applicant’s race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, disability or medical condition shall—
(a) notify the Primary Care Trust in writing that it wishes to have the patient removed; and
(b) subject to sub-paragraph (2), notify the patient of its specific reasons for requesting removal.
(2) Where, in the reasonable opinion of the contractor—
(a) the circumstances of the removal are such that it is not appropriate for a more specific reason to be given; and
(b) there has been an irrevocable breakdown in the relationship between the patient and the contractor,
the reason given under sub-paragraph (1) may consist of a statement that there has been such a breakdown.
(3) Except in the circumstances specified in sub-paragraph (4), a contractor may only request a removal under sub-paragraph (1), if, within the period of 12 months prior to the date of its request to the Primary Care Trust, it has warned the patient that he is at risk of removal and explained to him the reasons for this.
(4) The circumstances referred to in sub-paragraph (3) are that—
(a) the reason for removal relates to a change of address;
(b) the contractor has reasonable grounds for believing that the issue of such a warning would—
(i) be harmful to the physical or mental health of the patient, or
(ii) put at risk the safety of one or more of the persons specified in sub-paragraph (5); or
(c) it is, in the opinion of the contractor, not otherwise reasonable or practical for a warning to be given.

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