Multisource feedback and patient surveys added to GP appraisals as PCTs ‘pre-empt revalidation’


Multisource feedback and patient surveys added to GP appraisals as PCTs ‘pre-empt revalidation’

By alisdair stirling | 27 Jan 2012

Exclusive: GPs across the country are already being asked to provide multisource feedback and patient surveys as part of their appraisals as PCTs look to bring in some revalidation requirements ahead of schedule, the GPC has warned.

GPC negotiator Dr Chaand Nagpaul told Pulse: ‘Some PCTs are asking appraisees for the sort of requirements that have been proposed as part of revalidation but haven´t yet been agreed.'

'They are lifting proposals from the current proposals such as those put forward by the RCGP. But at this moment in time the appraisal process remains unchanged. There is no requirement for appraisees to comply.'

Dr Nagpaul declined to name the PCTs involved but said a sufficient number  were ‘pre-empting revalidation' to warrant concern.

A GPC newsletter warned: ‘Revalidation is currently due to be introduced from late 2012 and the evidence requirements have not yet been confirmed or agreed. PCTs therefore should not be implementing new appraisal frameworks on this basis.' 

'We would be grateful if LMCs could inform us if this is happening in their area so that we can gather information about how prevalent this is, and approach the relevant bodies.'

Dr Nigel Watson, chief executive of Wessex LMCs, said practices in his area had not been affected, but added: ‘PCTs doing this are getting way ahead of themselves. They think they know how the system is going to work. But revalidation is not signed off yet so until then they should hold fire.'

The warning over appraisals comes after Pulse revealed last week that practice clinical governance systems will be taken into account in GP revalidation.

It emerged that responsible officers will have to ensure that such systems are in place as part of every GP´s revalidation.

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