Swine Flu Buddying-up

Swine Flu Buddying-up
31 July, 2009


Dear Colleagues


The recent flu pandemic has placed huge demands on general practice and generated enormous pressure within the system. GPs are being asked to work together in groups – “buddying up” – to make maximum use of all the staff available. What is important is that no GP Practice is left isolated and that we think about potential problems in advance.

The LMC has a role to play in helping with the formation of the “buddying up” groups.

Step 1 - Identify neighbouring Practices for forming a “buddying up” group and notify the PCO and the LMC.

Step 2 - Form a Working Group within the cluster of “buddy” Practices. All Practices in the cluster should be represented. We should agree how often the group will meet on a regular basic, both before the pandemic and during it.

Step 3 - The Working Group should draw up a combined pandemic flu plan. This will build on individual Practice’s service continuity plan.

Step 4 - “Buddying” Practices may have to combine temporarily during the flu pandemic. Because of this, it is necessary to identify which IT systems are used in the “buddying up” group and discuss compatibility of how Practices should work together and operate the different systems.

“Buddying up” groups can be based on naturally occurring groups such as those in a discreet locality, however, no Practice must be left isolated.

The LMC would like to help you identify a neighbouring Practice or a “buddying up” group if you are not part of one already. Please feel free to contact the LMC office and we would be delighted to be of assistance.

Yours sincerely

Ivan Camphor

Dr I Camphor
Medical Secretary

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