Nice welcomes topic suggestions for QOF

NICE welcomes topic suggestions for QOF
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has today (Monday 8 February) opened the second and final phase of topic suggestion for the 2012/13 Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF). An online topic suggestion facility will allow stakeholders to submit suggestions for new indicators for QOF based on NICE guidance or other NHS Evidence accredited sources. Anyone with an interest in health, including health professionals, patients, community groups and voluntary organisations are encouraged to contribute to the development of the 2012/13 framework via the NICE website (
The second phase of topic suggestion is open from Monday 8 February until Monday 8 March. When this four-week period closes each suggestion will be reviewed against criteria provided in the submission form and suitable suggestions for the QOF will be presented to an independent advisory committee to consider. The indicators for the 2012/13 QOF will be the first set to pass through the new NICE process in full, and the topic suggestion represents the first stage of their development.
Val Moore, NICE Implementation Director said: “We recognise the importance of making sure professional groups, patients and community and voluntary organisations have a clear opportunity to contribute to the development of indicators at every stage of the NICE process for QOF. For this reason NICE has set up the online topic suggestion facility to allow stakeholders to submit their own ideas for new areas for indicator development. This second phase of topic suggestion is the last opportunity for stakeholders to contribute to the development of potential indicators for the 2012/13 framework and we actively encourage any feedback.”
In August 2011 NICE will publish a menu of potential indicators for 2012/13 together with recommendations on indicators to be considered for retirement. The final decision on which indicators are included in the QOF will be decided by NHS Employers, on behalf of the Department of Health, the British Medical Association (BMA) and the General Practitioners Committee (GPC).

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